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  • What is UnixTutorials.info?
    • I made a website where I could add tutorials that might come in handy later on. When I started with Linux I was frustrated as there were no place where you could find most of the tutorials and howtos. So now a lot of time has passed and I decided to make life easier for guys like I used to be who’re just starting with UNIX based operating systems. Also we’re not focused on Linux, we accept tutorials as long as OS it meant for is based on UNIX.
  • Why submit tutorials to UnixTutorials.info?
    • If you just opened a new website, blog or forums and you want to get people to visit your website you can write a tutorial for UNIX based operating system and submit it to UnixTutorials.info. This way you will be giving back to community and you will also get people to visit your website.
  • I want to remove link to my website?
    • If you want to remove link to your tutorial please send me email regarding this issue to unix.tutorials.com@gmail.com
  • I don’t want my site to be opened in frame window
    • Place this small code on your website and it will break out frames automatically.
  • I want to advertise on your website
    • Contact me regarding this on unix.tutorials.com@gmail.com
  • I have suggestion for your website
    • Please email me about at unix.tutorials.com@gmail.com


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