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Linux Five X Windows Background Hacks You Probably Didn't Know
Post date: September 26, 2007, 04:09 Category: Desktop Views: 1069 Comments: 0
Tutorial quote: Command lines to do amazing things to your desktop background, when you get tired of wallpaper. Includes animated and static backgrounds using fbsetroot, bggen, ImageMagick, xaos, xlock, and xscreensaver.
OpenSUSE Buddi - Personal Finance & Budgeting Program for openSUSE
Post date: August 28, 2008, 16:08 Category: Software Views: 726 Comments: 0
Tutorial quote: Buddi is a personal finance and budgeting program, aimed at those who have little or no financial background. Designed to keep the software simpler but still effectively help users to manage their finances. Buddi is released a free opensource software released under GNU GPL license. Buddi will run on almost any computer which has a Java virtual machine installed. This can include Windows, Macintosh OS X, Linux, and many other operating systems.
Unix+clones How to restore a hacked Linux server
Post date: July 30, 2006, 13:07 Category: Security Views: 1186 Comments: 0
Tutorial quote: Every sysadmin will try its best to secure the system/s he is managing. Hopefully you never had to restore your own system from a compromise and you will not have to do this in the future. Working on several projects to restore a compromised Linux system for various clients, I have developed a set of rules that others might find useful in similar situations. The type of hacks encountered can be very variate and you might see very different ones than the one I will present, or I have seen live, but even so, this rules might be used as a starting point to develop your own recovery plan.
Linux Splash image in GRUB
Post date: April 24, 2005, 13:04 Category: Software Views: 871 Comments: 0
Tutorial quote: The splash image is the image shown in the background when GRUB (the GRand Unified Bootloader) is displaying the list of operating systems you can boot. All you need to customize it is the GIMP and gzip.
Debian Darkstat - Nework Traffic Analyzer or Network Monitor
Post date: July 3, 2006, 11:07 Category: Network Views: 1036 Comments: 0
Tutorial quote: darkstat is a network statistics gatherer.

Effectively, it's a packet sniffer which runs as a background process on a cable/DSL router, gathers all sorts of useless but interesting statistics,and serves them over HTTP.
Ubuntu SSHerminator - Nice split screen terminal emulator and SSH client
Post date: February 19, 2009, 02:02 Category: System Views: 831 Comments: 0
Tutorial quote: SSHerminator is a terminal emulator based on Terminator, with extra SSH features.The aim of this project is not to provide a standard, general use Terminal emulator, but an emulator that provides as rich an experience as possible while using SSH (that can also be used as a standard terminal).SSHerminator is a semi-fork of Terminator. We sync up with the Terminator code as often as possible, to get the best Terminator features, but include our SSH hacks.
Linux Adding Windows Fonts in Linux
Post date: December 3, 2005, 01:12 Category: Desktop Views: 1007 Comments: 0
Tutorial quote: Unlike past times, Linux do come with good fonts. And the font rendering can be made better by choosing to antialiase the fonts. But at times you come across a website which has been designed with the windows user in mind. Such websites are best viewed with one of the windows fonts. If you have windows OS installed on your machine, you can copy the essential fonts from the windows partition to linux and use them to get a better web experience. Here is how you do it.
Unix+clones Downloading without a Browser
Post date: November 29, 2005, 13:11 Category: Software Views: 992 Comments: 0
Tutorial quote: Ever had to download a file so huge over a link so slow that you'd need to keep the web browser open for hours or days? What if you had 40 files linked from a single web page, all of which you needed -- will you tediously click on each one? What if the browser crashes before it can finish? GNU/Linux comes equipped with a handy set of tools for downloading in the background, independent of the browser. This allows you to log out, resume interrupted downloads, and even schedule them to occur during off-peak Net usage hours.
Ubuntu Installing Windows XP As A KVM Guest On Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop
Post date: February 15, 2009, 06:02 Category: Miscellaneous Views: 1144 Comments: 0
Tutorial quote: There's a bug in virt-install and virt-manager on Ubuntu 8.10 that does not let you run Windows XP as a guest under KVM. During the Windows installation, the guest needs to be rebooted, and then you get the following error, and Windows XP refuses to boot: "A disk read error occured. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". This guide shows how you can solve the problem and install Windows XP as a KVM guest on Ubuntu 8.10.
Linux Tools to access Linux Partitions from Windows
Post date: April 13, 2008, 15:04 Category: Miscellaneous Views: 1092 Comments: 0
Tutorial quote: If you dual boot with Windows and Linux, and have data spread across different partitions on Linux and Windows, you should be really in for some issues.

It happens sometimes you need to access your files on Linux partitions from Windows, and you realize it isn’t possible easily. Not really, with these tools in hand - it’s very easy for you to access files on your Linux partitions from Windows.